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Magnum Mortgage has been around since 2003. We understand private financing better than anyone in Alberta. Here are a few of the services that we provide Albertans. Click on each one for more details on how we might be of service. 

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Our experience and expertise is second to none.


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We are born and bred Albertans. We are invested in this province and know Alberta Real Estate better than anyone. 



Founded in 2003, Magnum has a long track record of success. All of our team have extensive experience serving our clients.



If there is a way to get your file done we will find it. Unique circumstances require creative solutions. We can help.

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Finding Creative Solutions

When it comes to finding creative mortgage solutions tailored to your unique needs, Magnum Mortgage is your trusted partner. We understand that traditional mortgage options may not always align with your specific circumstances or financial goals. That’s why our team of experts specializes in thinking outside the box and offering innovative financing solutions.

Whether you have credit challenges, are self-employed, or require non-traditional lending options, we have the knowledge and experience to navigate complex situations. Our creative mortgage solutions include flexible eligibility criteria, asset-based financing, and personalized plans designed to meet your specific requirements.

At Magnum Mortgage, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft customized solutions that maximize your borrowing potential while considering your individual financial circumstances. With quick approval processes, competitive rates, and a commitment to confidentiality, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and helping you achieve your homeownership dreams.

Trust the experts at Magnum Mortgage to find the creative mortgage solutions you need to turn your real estate aspirations into reality. Contact us today and let us help you secure the financing that suits your unique situation.